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back in Arizona- really small nuggets-new record

boulder dash

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Well after spending a few months in Idaho dredging I'm back in az. Have not done any detecting in so long and it's constantly on my mind. Braving the heat I headed to a old local patch to see what the monsoons have done. After removal of the overburden it was steady small nugget after nugget. The funny thing is that I drywashed this stretch last year so these were all new nuggets. I had the most detected nuggets found in one day ever with 57 small nuggets at 3.3 grams. Not a bad 6 hours of detecting




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RUN little nugglets RUN!! :th_panic:
Wades back. :)

I need to get out there now... :barnie: Thanks for getting the itch going again.
Congrats on the new record. :thcongratsflwrs:

WTG :yesss:

Tom H.

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Hey great job BD but yes tell us about Idaho ! Shep I went up past the trailer park quite a ways but could not find the gate you mentioned, I came to a big turnout and turned around. Second time I've been there but I seem to be missing the gate.

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Not much to say about Idaho except the gold can be amazing if you're in the correct spot. Seems like I drove around in circles trying to find a great place to work that paid more than 15$ per hour. The weather was extremely cold for this az native, literally I had to wear a full sized jacket at night and morning. Something about wearing a jacket everyday in the summer confuses my body. I did not take to many pictures just a few. This is a photo of 2 and a half day clean up... 42 grams.

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