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New nugget find for me


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Sunday my buddy and I were hitting a wash we had been doing pretty well in. We were taking turn running material in the drywasher. I had just finished filling my six buckets when starting running the 141. He moves slow so I decide to do some detecting. I decided to leave the wash and hit the top of the bench separating the adjoining wash. We have run into zero trash in this area so every signal has been gold. There is some mineralization though. After 5 minutes using my Garrett ATX I get a signal that seamed to be right on the surface so I was figuring a bullet. Found it in my scoop and it was white I decided to wash it off boom yellow! !! Soaked it over night in some CLR and underneath was a .8 gram nugget. Hit the whole rest of the bench and not one other signal. It was in crust. Very different looking nugget compared to the others found in was , way more orange. Shows no signs of movement, completely rough. Not sure how to approach bench, was it a fluke?

Photo compared to nugget 50 feet away in wash

Thanks Chris



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Right on man!

Those are some nice nugs....glad you got em :)
GL to you in that spot.

Tom H.

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