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Wife and I headed out on Saturday to look for some interesting areas up country to beat the heat. Got a recommendation from a friend and headed out.


The view and temps were perfect.


as was the lunch the wife packed.

Got skunked finding gold but hit paydirt on the new area for us to prospect together.

Thanks Don.

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Beware the Feds will put the entire area off limits after the fire. I ran into this outta Forest hill.. a few years back Almost got caught in the closed area, $10,000 min fine. Had to beat feet outta there with feds chasing me. Got away as I know the roads pretty well by now. I was just poking arouund but it doesn;t matter no entry at all by anyone but them for a year or more after the burn.

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Lucky man you are....yeah, same down here in Mariposa....they shut the burn areas down for months..something about human deep pit roast in smoldering stumps that burn for weeks. You fall in one of those, and your cooked.....

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