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Help please! ID rocks/crystals?

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Hi there,

Other than what you'd call common findings, I have absolutely no knowledge of rocks/minerals/fossils! I would really like some help with what types of rocks/crystals these are (see photos).

I presume the purplish coloured one is amethyst? Though its coloration and crystal size made me think otherwise.

Would really appreciate the IDs of each of these.

Thanks very much!

Rock 1 post-27331-0-38991900-1409673366_thumb.j

Rock 2 (1st image) post-27331-0-23104800-1409673327_thumb.j

Rock 2 (2nd image) post-27331-0-73430700-1409673291_thumb.j

Rock 3 (1st image) post-27331-0-32014600-1409673049_thumb.j

Rock 3 (2nd image) post-27331-0-69079800-1409673170_thumb.j

Rock 4 (1st image) post-27331-0-69567800-1409673202_thumb.j

Rock 4 (2nd image) post-27331-0-33797100-1409673258_thumb.j

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Hi Alexander, welcome to the forum!

Be patient and someone will be able to help you with possibles IDs of your specimens, I would attempt to give an ID on some of them but I'm not the best with such rocks, show me some gold and I'll give you a yes or no!! :4chsmu1:

Give us a general location of where they were found and it will help somewhat on finding out what type of geology and mineral the area has.

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