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Allen in MT

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Was up to the cabin for a couple of days and did some detecting on the other side of a rock out cropping I was at a few weeks ago. The left side of this picture I dug out and detected on Aug 1st finding 6 pieces.


This time I worked the right side of rock out cropping in above picture. got into a couple of small pockets that I ended up digging with a crevas tool and then detected. the few hours spent provided me with these 25 pieces with the biggest weighing .74 g and the smallest was .017 g for a total weight of 2.96 g.


Was 33 degree when we got up this morning, fall must be in the air.

Forgot to add all beeping was done with GB2 and 6" coil


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Sounds like heaven to me,nice and cool,great cabin,a man and his tool having a great time with gold too. It just don't get much better in this short run we call life-congrats,I coveth my ol'gb2 also-John

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Alen - This is an old Hydraulic mine site?

No, it is just a placer gulch that has been worked at least 6 times over the last 100 years. Lots of old tunneling.

post-227-0-22858200-1409747187_thumb.jpg post-227-0-92416000-1409747157_thumb.jpg

I've just been working some of the larger limestone out croppings on the upper sides of the gulch. Lots of racking but I enjoy it

[post-227-0-77743400-1409747395_thumb.jpg post-227-0-96617600-1409747489_thumb.jpg

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