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Wow Johnno, that bottle date back to the 1880s, very nice find!!!

Here's another like yours and a link to the site that says it dates from between 1880s.



Here's another website that explains why the the "torpedo shape" of these bottles, which was that the bottles had to be stored on their side to keep the cork wet so as to preserve the contents of the bottle, a dried cork would let the fizz escape from the water, the original bottles were made of earthenware (which there're only 6 known to exist now) and later replace with the glass versions.


Photo of an original earthenware bottle.


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What a great mixer.

I can remember getting Schwepps for my Grandma when I was an ankle biter.


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J. when I spent months in a tent in W.A. I saw several large bottle dumps where all the bottle were broken.

The story I got was that bottle collectors would find the dumps and pick out the best bottles and then break

all the others to keep the prices up.

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