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Artist buries 30 bars of gold ...and people have fun...

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This is a cool story about a crazy artist who buried 30 bars of bullion on a public beach in England.....proves that people just want to have fun...Hunter-Gatherers ....to the end.....


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Photo says FAKE gold bars found---plastic even ??So real/phoney buried also or find phoney and trade in for real or all bs???? :idunno: John

John, I guess we will find out if and when a real one is recovered and that's only if the finder reports it being found, the plastic gold bar looks like it would weight well over a pound or three, if you do the math the bar that are said to have been hidden/buried would under a 1/2 ounce or so, 10,000 British pound covert to $16,597 US, and the article said there were 30 bars buried, $16,597 divide by 30 comes to $553, under 1/2 ounce of gold spot price, or around 13 grams, so the real gold bars are rather small in size compared to the plastic bar the young girl was holding, so the real gold bars are going to be a little hard to find in all that sand.IHMO

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Yes that one pictured was a plastic gold bar....he not only buried the real small bars but also fakes like the one pictured. He also threw in some washers and coins and things..Imagine all those people on a small state beach with detectors. the first few who showed up with detectors would have cleaned it up.....I just think it's pretty cool human moment when strange people who dont know each other get together for a day hunting for treasure and they are not clubbing each other over the heads :)


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