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So this makes it better.... ?

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Cameras, video and 'lost privacy' are not always a bad thing.

He should be 'allowed' to pay and his face posted on the internet and in the store.

His choice. He was stealing someone's nugget and he knew it. There should be consequences.

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Throw the guy in jail. He never would have come forward if he had not been caught on camera.

A few years back I was stopped at a red light when a guy went flying through it. 3 lanes through the intersection he slammed on his breaks and skidded the rest of the way through the intersection. He then proceeded to put the car in reverse and back all the way back through the intersection. A police officer was parked next to me and all he did was shake his head. Apparently some people think they can undo a wrong and at least the cop next to me thought it was OK also. The guy should have got two tickets for running the red light in my opinion.

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