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Possible Rare Non Metal Meteorites

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I'm not so sure. I saw one fall from the sky myself. It was lower then the power line. I waited 3 days and went out searching. I searched the entire area where I saw it land. This is all I could find. (it definitely landed in that exact spot also.) The surfaces depend on what the meteorite is made out of. The once i found are stony. (Most people find metallic ones which are completely different then stony. Here are some stony meteorites I find similar to mine.




The photo of my piece in photo #4 greatly resembles one of these. I've never seen stones like this before and I wanna say I've been collecting since I was a little baby and they certainly the ones I found aren't volcano rocks but they are highly burned. ( except the silver one which is COMPLETELY cleaned.)

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file:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/2435.jpg ( this is the small example I found compared to one I bought. I have been researching real from the ones I found and I have found many similarities file:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/14.jpgfile:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/15.jpgfile:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/16.jpgfile:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/8.jpgfile:///Users/corykoff/Desktop/Siberian%20rock.jpg ( the siberian one is a bought one unlike the stony it is metal but has smilier markings on it.

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I don't know. I'm pretty sure they are.

Why are you pretty sure?

I am totally 100% absolutly positive they are not meteorites. Post your pictures to the MetList and see what response you get (probably none, because it's pretty aparent they are not meteorites).

Good luck to you.

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