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Looks like some really YUMMY cheese!
I love swiss.

Tom H.

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Much too straight to be a meteorite Adam...wrong color too... :brows: Kinda looks like basalt but the color don't look right... :grr01:

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I think you are on to something there. Proper light is important when in the identification process especially when you have nice specimens like Adam has shown us.

Aren't those missing chondrules where those holes are now?


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Adam ahh please post a picture from outdoors , indirect sunlight situation. That will give us a better representation of this LUNAR rock thanks. :2mo5pow:

Definitely a lunar!


I agree complete after further research, it couldn't be anything else other than a moon rock/meteorite!!

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I wrote a poem about cheese when I was a kid, I still remember it to this day:

Was there ever a gift to give, you please?

As good as a gift to give of cheese?

You'll feel and know

When to them you show

Your wonderful gift of cheese.

-M. Mulgrew ca. 1991

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Sure glad you outgrew that kid phase of life Mike and turned into a fine meteorite person.

Yer right about that Garimpo . But I don't know about that Adam guy,....he seems to be turnin into a " Lunar Holy Roller"

....might be some kinda newfangled religion er something :snapoutofit::laught16:


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