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Meteorite candidate

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Greetings everyone,

This is my first post here. I've been prospecting for a little over a year and just recently started metal detecting. I detected a rock while out looking for nuggets (Northern California). I have a lot of experience with rocks as a rock mason and I've never felt anything like this. It's appearance correlates to many pics on the net. A typical hobby magnet failed to stick to it. Some small fragments broke off and many of those pieces do attract to the magnet.

I'm looking for some next steps. I've included photos and the specs below.

Happy hunting,


Meteorite candidate

22.15 ounces

8x10" circumference at longest points





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Hello, meteorites are not typically round like that, that indicates a water worn rock (found near a creek or stream?). I do not see any indication of fusion crust, and the exterior surface doesn't look right to me, it's too rough. I do not believe it is a meteorite.

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Hi G Fool,

It looks to me like a mineralized form of iron or iron oxide, like limonite. It doesn't look like

a meteorite. Keep hunting. You can't find a meteorite, till you've found some meteor-wrongs.


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Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe it's something like limonite, I read that has weak magnetic properties which would explain the magnet not being strongly attracted.

I'm certainly a novice, yet there are many pictures of roundish eucrites online that resemble the rock I found. It also does seem to resemble a fusion crust as I've seen in pics. I suppose one sure-fire test would be to file a window and see if the interior is different then the exterior. I read that nickel testing isn't even that telling as a lot of iron has at least some ppms of nickel. It's dense metal for sure. Perhaps I should bust it up eventually and see what's inside.

I never thought it a meteorite or meteowrong, just looking at the data.

I highly agree Ben, either way, the trail to a good find is paved with meteowrongs. I know I've dug my fair share of non-glory holes looking for gold. That's what we do eh? Not a moment wasted getting exercise in natures gym.

Good luck to everyone!

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It also does seem to resemble a fusion crust as I've seen in pics.

To the unpracticed eye it probably does, but I do not see anything in your photos that even begins to resemble fusion crust, sorry.

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