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"CURSES",!*@!!...ANOTHER 22-LEAD-SLUG,.....OR maybe NOT !!


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"CURSES",!*@!!...ANOTHER 22-LEAD-SLUG,.....OR maybe NOT !!

After metal detecting for a number of years there are "some" (maybe-even-many ??)" who get into the habit of associating a certain signal-sound they are hearing in their earphones with a certain type of metal trash (lead, brass, iron, wire, etc.). It is easy to fall into this bad habit of "guessing, or assuming" that the target sounds-like a piece of trash that you have found in the past. I have come across (in the past) a number of partially-dug holes where someone had gotten a signal, dug part of the hole and then left the target (either in the bottom, or on the side). They hadn't even dug the target out to find out exactly what it was,...so they must have assumed that it was a piece of trash and left it. And in a number of those occurrances the target was indeed a gold nugget. I, ..as I am sure many others who have been detecting for a number of years have learned TO DIG EVERY TARGET, & DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU FIND THAT TARGET.

While out today I got a good signal that "my-mind"-associated with many of the same signals that I have gotten in the past. It was the same strong signal that I have gotten "many-times" when I had put my coil over a lead-22-slug. Now, it was hot, and I was tired, and I could have just walked away and assumed that "it was just another lead target. But I also know (as I believe "some" also do) that a lead slug and a gold nugget of comparable-size will give off similar-sounding signals,..as was the case today. Each time that I tapped the scoop, checked that the target was still in the scoop, and then disgarding some of the dirt, my mind keep associating the signal with chunks of lead that I had found in the past. It did this up until there was very little dirt in the bottom of the scoop, and even up until I rubbed the mud-covered target to expose that beautiful yeller-color. So instead of lead, I walked away with a 0.97 Gram Gold nugget for my stubberness and tennasity of making sure of what the target really was.






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WTG :)
Glad you were persistant and got it out.

Nice nug.

Tom H.

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:D SWEET! Great looking nugget. Always sweet to find after dozens of bullets. Several nuggets I have found have been in previous dug holes. Dig until you find the target and check that hole again... so many times a nugget was being mask by a trash target... again... congrats! :Just_Cuz_06:

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