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Posted at Lynx Creek area....

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Similar type sign was posted here in La Plata canyon outside of Durango, Colorado in the past. It turned out that it was unauthorized, placed by a group or person. Typical liberal movement here.

If that sign at Lynx Creek or similar type were/are real, I would be concerned. With no specific info on exact location, it would be open to interpretation by an official. No to say that couldn't be fought in court due to being vague.

Mike, if you are in Durango, Colorado on Sunday morning. There will be a car show and parade in town. I will be there with my ride.


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I rode up there on the motorcycle one time but forgot numbers Shep. We close here on the 7th and then I will be on maintenance for about a month with lot shorter days. We are off today and tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I can sneak up there for a bit. We had a fire right across the lake from us yesterday. It was neat watching them put it out. Choppers hovering over the lake waiting for the Borate plane to make his pass and then the choppers coming in right behind doing their water drops. Dont know what the buckets hold but the ones with the snorkel hold 3000 gallons and takes them 45 seconds to fill up and go

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Where that sign is posted is anyones guess. But it appears to be a genuine USFS sign.

The type post holding the sign,is used here by the USFS everywhere. There is no specific

regulation for post types. Our ranger district even bought a drill press to bore holes ,to convert

surplus fence posts ,for that use. They are cheap,easy to drive,and with the anchor,a little harder,

for vandals to remove.

If in fact ,there is an old CCC camp on federal land ,it is protected ,and off limits ,for digging or

detecting. That would be a genuine reason ,for posting a sign. As for the bendy posts,those are

road ,or trail system number markers. In the haste to close all the roads ,the USFS and BLM used

them ,as closure markers,by adding a decal,or sticker.

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Mike C ... I was just going to say the same thing ... I noticed the sign a while back and thought it an odd place for a CCC camp. But then again some of the locations in Northwestern Maine are even more out of town areas.

As for my promise to check out the signage at Lynx ... went there this afternoon. There are signs saying 'No Campfires', 'No Dumping', 'No Overnight Camping', Stay on Marked Roads and Trails' ... BUT no sign about no prospecting in either the lower parking area at the the end of the road where it is chained off for private property or in the upper panning area ... In fact the bulletin board still has the explanation letter that allows for digging panning material up to and including the high water mark but not beyond and metal detecting. So if you plan to go to the public panning area you still can ... the water is running and is crystal clear when i was there. Only one car parked down there today and that wasn't the panning area but the lower parking area beyond the restoration area.

I didn't have time to go further south Bannie Mine Road ... had to get back so I can finish a couple projects to take to CO and pack up some tools and such before nightfall. My guess is that the creek is running up there too.

Mike F

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A coworker told me that Lynx Creek at Banning Mine Road is now restricted from panning. Can anyone collaberate? Was thinking of heading up there this weekend. Thanks.



Call Prescott national forest to get the straight scoop.

That way you know for sure either way.


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A trusted GPAA member first discovered the sign at CCC camp which is a hidden road just west of Bannie Mine road. We panned there one day as a group event prior to it closing. There are huge holes all around the area as well as in Bannie area. They suspect there are/were people sneaking heavy machinery out there in the middle of the night and supposedly have trail cams placed to try to catch them, this is what I have heard.

As for Bannie area I was there 2 weeks ago and saw no sign whatsoever and panned all day. Saw 2 other panners as well. I returned home and posted to my facebook to let everyone know it was still open to panning(no sign yet) but another friend that lives in Prescott responded that he and his wife were ran out of Bannie by the forest service and that there was a sign down by the creek. I drove to the farthest point I could in my car before hiking down so if there was a sign it must have been more towards the first bend in the road, regardless I saw nothing and did not see a forest worker that day.

Our GPAA chapter has sent the issue to headquarters in California to try to find a resolution, if I hear any more info on it I will try to update you all as I probably wont be up there again soon.

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