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Out in garage making stuff and found this ol treasure and as usual has a story behind it. Back in the early 80s when dredging on the Feather River, I had one of the best dredging partner there to be. A little Frenchman, Glenn LeFevre (he also bartended at Moons in Quincy in those days). He was a talker (whereas Im not really), he was a bit tight (Im being very nice here).

There was several of us who had coffee at Perkos every morning and helped each other when needed.. In the winter, got cabin fever and wed make road trips to the lower motherlode. I missed one trip, where Glenn and a couple others got all excited about this new detector that would pick up gold but wouldnt sound on black sand. Seems Mr Kovac had this display, I think in Placerville(?), with a rotating round table with gold and samples of black sand on it. Detector sounded off loud on the gold, but barely a peek over the black sand. Several detectors were ordered that day. When they got back, their new found way of finding gold got me pumped up. While they were awaiting their new purchases, I found out a local, Gordon (who owned the Missouri Bar on the Feather) had one of these detectors and was willing to part with it after my intense battering. Think I paid about half ($150) of what new was.

Well after we all got out practicing with our new found devices, realized real quick, wed been hoodwinked! That black sand was black but thats all it was! Wasnt magnetite or even metallic! We had fun with them tho. I just put batteries in it and still works!

Doesnt pick up new gold, just the old dirty real gold, where should we start the bidding? Wish I would of found this a long time ago, let Patrick use it and I know hed have muchoo gold in his pocket by now! ;-)




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Jez............that thing looks like my old Bounty Hunter from the 80s :)
Brings back memories :)
Tom H.

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Hey Shep,

I still have my Detex Standard Model from 1967, made in Garland Texas. It took my paper route,

and a whole summer of odd jobs to get the $100 to pay for it, but I was the first to hit many schools on

my side of town, and I took out silver by the pound. It may be a museum piece, but it has a lot of fond

memories for me.


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'Perko's and lies per cup'? well every one has their opinion. Sitting in that corner booth at Perko's, with Ivan, Harold and Jimmy, Walt, Ronny, Glenn, and myself and ocassionally ol Perry; saw an awful lot of gold. Good times there as well as good people!

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My first was home made from a Tandy Craft kit-Kitco bfo and the beaches in redondo/hermosa/manhattan were simply paved with gold/silver/jewelry. I paid for it by fabbing a screen to a old fertilizer spreader on wheels and pulling it through the sand at the beach. That bfo paid for my first car,a 53 ford and lotza fun with the ladies when in town and not with parents mining.1961 was indeed a different america-John

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Homefire, Thanks! that's it!, altho I didn't get a carrying case and mines been used more. Probably never sell it, but cold make a good loaner ;-)

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BFO's are limited in depth but sure work GOOD to find Black sand deposits along the creaks and Gravel Bar's . Found some prime panning areas like that. Just beep (BFO is more like TICK) along and use sticks to mark the hot areas. Found some prime Panning spots doing that.

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