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Hey Bill,

I hunt that area a few times, those mirrors make those towers glow, it gets so hot, it gives off like a mirage/ halo effect. I can only imagine anything near that tower will be fried. When that place went live, I heard about some birds getting zapped. Also pilots have complained about getting blinded by the light.


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Here's the irony… supposedly when they built the plant they had to do an environmental impact study, much like we do if we're gonna start digging up a bunch of ground. Since this was an Obama "greenie approved" project, the EPA green lighted the project even though they knew birds would be getting fried.

Question… what do you think my odds would be with these POS hypocrites if I were to start a mining operation just a few miles down the road from this solar plant? :idunno:

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I can only guess what will come out of this ... if true of course ... The greenies and/or tree huggers, whatever you prefer to call them, will sue and cause a cease and dissist action that will take years and millions of dollars ... financing the attorney's houses and kid's education etc ... In the end the methodology for solar farms will change and all will be right with the world! Ain't it great! :grr01: I should have gotten my law degree! :old:

Mike F

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These days EIR's mean nothing real. They are nothing but junk science put together for a specific result.... either to stop something or allow something depending on what politics dictates. Another great example is the EIR done in CA to stop dredging...

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