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What's the gold weight in this Quartz


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Couldnt you just put a cup of water on the scale, zero it out and then put the specie in it to get the weight in water?
Tom H.

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You have to 'suspend' the speci in the water and then you will get the weight you are after. If you drop it 'in' the water you will get the weight of the water plus the weight of the speci. Then you complete the math to find the amount of gold.


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Your mileage may vary. I have used this test with specimens that had over an oz of gold showing on the surface and gotten a negative number in the calculations. If the quartz has voids or other minerals in with the gold then this test is toast.

Specimen dry weight: 130.63 grams

Specimen wet weight: 83.98 grams

Difference 46.65 sum of B2 minus B3

Specific Gravity of the Specimen 2.80 sum of B2 divided by B4

average specific gravity of quartz (2.63) 0.17 sum of B5 minus sg of quartz

7.93 sum of B4 times B6

0.31 Ounces

9.50 Grams of contained gold

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