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3 days at Willow springs lake

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Welp...since the lower desert has turned into a furnace....Dad and I went up to the rim.

It was a great time out in the cool/rainy weather.

First day out Dad got 3 trout that we put on the grill with some steak and veggies!

Second day out He got 5 to take home.

Thats night we feasted on Lamb Kabobs with mint chutny and Curry Chicken kabobs with Basmati rice. Ate way too much that night!

We were at the lake when they stocked it. Pretty neat to see how they do it. Just kind of dump the fish in.

There were all swimming up at the shore but were too in shock to bite anything.

Third day....we just sat around reading and dreading coming home to the furnace :)
Great time out.

Any of you guys here that fish....you aught to hit the rim lakes at this time. Its a great get away from the heat.

Tom H.








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For me , this it the best time of year to be up on the rim. You always get the brief thunderstorms usually before 2pm, then they clear off leaving a nice afternoon in their wake. You guys sure know how to live in fine style....I love taking some light gear up there for some fishing. I`ve spent several trips at Bear Canyon lake near there....

Nice way to beat the heat Toms.....What a great sounding trip !

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Hey 2 T's ... You sure like you were having a great time and those kabobs are awesome ... Thanks for sharing ... Cooled down tonight just looking at your pix ... Cheers, Unc

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Looks like a great camping trip and time to diet once ya hit home. Over half of those stocked fish die of starvation waiting for the noisemaker to signal it's pellet food time to eat. They ruin the gene pool with weak fish as raised in a pond and no competition to survive,mother nature only lets the strong survive but man all live till dumped into a body of water :arrowheadsmiley: .....John

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You guys had a fine trip ... and I understand the overeating because I have sat at your table ... anyone who has the privilege of doing so and complains of being hungry ... well it sure won't be the cook's fault. Great trip guys ... looking forward to getting together again ... its been awhile since Decision Corner.

Mike F

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