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Whites TDI, Garrett Atx, Minelab 2300


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Posted Today, 04:20 PM

Hi All you GOLD Guru's, Just curious to see who has used all 3 machines and your opinions on each. I am looking to get a mid priced PI. I'am not brand loyal. They all have good and bad points. I think Chris G has used all 3, probably Rob A, & Bill S. I have a Tosoro Lst. Nice easy mach. to run. found a few bits with it nothing to write home about but gold is gold. Don't go out as much as most of a lot of you guys do, so I don' want to drop 5 or 6 grand.plus I don't want cords hanging all over. I,am retired so if get my butt out of the Lazy Boy and away from the BEER FRIG.Well maybe not that drastic, I will get the coil over some gold

Hey AZ Blackbird, I Don't want to invite myself on any of your secret gold spots, but sure would like to take a spin on one of your Rokons. if still have them. If it ever cools off. Anyway, any feedback on the 3 detectors is appreciated. I have read most of the reviews on them. I know Digger Bob is a Garrett TDI master maybe he will chime in or Reg sniff. Good Luck in gold country. Later Jerry L PS. do not forget to vote , throw the bums out & start over. Time to take our country back.SEMPER FI

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