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Selling Gold

Sean in AZ

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Hi gang, have a buddy that wants to sell 4 or 5 grams of fines. He is in Mesa AZ. Any suggestions would be helpful. I suggested eBay, however, he is looking for quick turn around time without getting mugged. An early thank you to you guys.

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THere's no local jewelers/gold buyers?^^^^^^^^^^^

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I would not take it to a gold buyer. You only get up to 80% spot max, some offer as low as 50 %. They might not even buy it anyway. I would list it on this forum in the classifieds.

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80% of spot for raw gold is a fair price. I would be willing to buy at that price.

From Homie's link:

Local Jewelers or pawn shops often offer competive bids for your scrap gold. But also understand that shop owners must pay overhead (rent, utilities, advertising, etc.). When you're selling to a jeweler or pawn shop, you're also paying for the convenience. This is considerably less work than selling on an online auction site. A range between 70% to 85% of melt value is a reasonable expectation from this type of buyer.

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I've put a 1/8th gram in little veils. Flea Market time.

After you sell the first few word gets out and your flooded. I sold a oz in less then a few hours this way. Charge 10% more then spot and Put a card on each of them stating the fact that YOU found it and approx. location. Operative word Approx.

I Was selling five at a time. One Saturday I ran out of the gold in less then a Hour.. Got current prices plus paid my spot at the market and meals. And the cost of the Glass.

People have a Thing about Gold.

Yep. Mom's even was buying it for there daughters. Last time I did this I was asking something like $20.00 or $40 per vile.


Not being Prejudice or stupid. I lived in Turkey and Greece . They have a thing about Gold. They know the Values. Money in the bank is on the Wrist of the Banker.. The Wife and Kids.

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A&b prospecting in mesa buys gold I believe. I know the one in Prescott valley does. 80% if I remember correctly.

I have sold gold to A&B Prospecting before. 80% is pretty good and it puts cash in your pocket without any risk.

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