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Don't or Never have shown My finds here. Found this last week.


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I Don't much post my finds. But This was a good on. Tailing piles just 20 miles from home and going back for the third time.

soory the Photo being from the cell phone. Not so good. People that know what there looking at will know what there seeing.

Frosty Crystalized Gold in Quartz. In the photo it does not look so good but it's there. The whole bit of Quartz is shot full of it. Need to get back and find the other Rocks they Trough away.

Sorry Phone Cam did not pick up the Shine. Frosted Gold looks like Butter. Trust me it's there.

My guess is there is at least a Gram or Two in this peace. To Soft to Cut and make a Cob out of.


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Don't get pee peep hearted but I was just looking over the area with a Old Time Detector. 1970's Garrett S3 running at 15Khz.. Baby Brother of the Garrett Ground Hog. Some buildings and was more after other stuff . Decided to hit he tailings.

Made a most cool WOOOOM sound. There has to be more. Stay tuned. Will find a better camera here soon and you will be able to see the Glow. About Pooped my shorts after I looked at it.

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I have a Web Came I use to use that if you turn the lens so that it was about to fall out would do OK Macro's. Can't seem to get it to work on this Tashita computer.



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