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Welcome to the forum!

Steve Herschbach has some great info and reviews on almost all great detectors, the MXT is no exception, he has used it to find many gold nuggets, here's a link to his reviews and info on settings, etc. for the MXT on his website, you'll find his recommended settings and advice for nugget shooting at the bottom of the page, this maybe the same settings you've seen on this forum but I couldn't find them doing a search.

I would like to add that you'll most likely not find any greater insight on the MXT then you'll find at the following link!



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Thanks Au seeker, took me a bit to get back to read your reply. I do most of my prospecting with a trammel or high-banker. Just adding a little detecting into it so I have a little more one on one time with my boys prospecting and just not running dirt. Thanks again for your reply.

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