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Darn it!


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Well heck..

When I was out looking for some yellow stuff on Sun. I found this rock that was about 3/4 inch round.

It was in a ironstone area with red dirt.

Brought it home and today I was playing with it.

Decided to hit it with a hammer just to see what it looked like cracked in half.

DOH!....it was a little geode looking thing...but it broke in a bunch of pieces.

Anyone know what it might be?
Please dont tell me its worth 3000 a gram unbroken :)
Tom H.


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Tom, its only worth 2,999.00 a gram........Sorry !

The piece on the left is pretty cool because it appears to have an isolated selenium or calcite crystal on a bed of smaller crystals....Cool find , but not worth much

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Tom, I believe that's calcite or quartz, depending on hardness ... I know where there's a good sized patch of them ... You never know what's going to be inside them ... Often they look like yours but sometimes there's other stuff, like black shiny something or even some galena looking stuff .... Another place I found a bunch of those like yours with very well formed and terminated quartz crystals that are mainly clear... Unfortunately, I don't think they're worth more that $5 or $10 each to mineral collectors... Cheers, Unc

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No signal...just a purty rock to put in my pocket.


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