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Wife and I decided to eliminate a trail from our bucket list and headed down to the South Fork of the American River yesterday. Weather was cool so we went for it.

This is the "Red Shack" trail, part of the American River Conservancy group of access points.post-25522-0-80637400-1407173884_thumb.j

It is rated as "steep" and it was, 900 foot drop in 1.5 miles. Wobbley knees on the way down and just a few stops on the way out. Bullets, fish hooks and lures with shell casing added in to the treasures we brought out.

Took one GB 2 and the ATX. Looks like it could use a good looking over, but the wife and I are looking for some "easier" access points, I think we'll get a raft and just cruise the river next time.

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Dern.....nice hike! Only thing worse about going down is coming back out :)
Glad you got out and walked the detectors.

Tom H.

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Chili bar-upriver or downriver from coloma,horsey area much better acess and MUCH less incline. Decent gold too. I used to have the claims by the horse trails area a few years back,lotza bedrock-John

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John, we worked the trials area some when we first got into detecting. Haven't been back much because of the traffic and droppings on the trials that the horse people forget to pick up.

We'll head over there next trip. Any specific area? We've worked up in the area where they did the hydro work. Found a nice 1843 sitting liberty there.

Person built a house on the trail going downriver from Coloma, access upriver is private as well. Access is via boat now.

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