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GBII vs Tesoro Vequero Stock Coil on GOLD. Some what dissapointed in GBII

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Okay everyone...

had enough of grade school.

Hopefully clear this mess out and move on.

Here's how I see this whole fiasco. Some of you, your opinions will vary and will deny my chronology of events. Fortunately there will be those who do 'not'. I personally no longer care and would like to move on from here though... lifes too short for BS.

1. I read my manuals... even the words.

2. I got familiar with the machines, in the 'air and in the 'ground' .

3. I made a comparison and stated my findings on this forum.

4. My first responce was somewhat disrespectfull.

5. Because I chose to defend myself againts that so called opinion, I got pasted for defending myself.

6. Then, rather than getting on my knees and covering my head, as I think 'most' would NOT, most of who replied without reading every word started throwing even more trash, everyone getting in on the 'fun' before getting fully informed.

7. Then the admin stepped in and asks me to respect others 'opinions'. I don't have a problem with that.

8. And the trash is still being thrown by some.. at least there have been those who have actually started at the begining of this thread and are now giving there 'respectfull' opinions. Thank you guys.

To all those who's feelings are truely crushed and feel they need to keep throwing more trash my way... STOP Already!!!

I appologized. Sorry I did not know how Hoser opperates and that's the way he has always been. Anyone else like that let me know please.

Unfortunately first impressions is what most base their judgment, fortunately there are those who look deeper before making a final assumption. I guess I should have done the same with Hoser and asked him if that's how he has always been.

I now am armed with a garbage can and am holding the lid high so let the garbage fly if you will. At least it won't be me with egg on my face.

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I agree with notime, enough is enough, either give a honest opinion or don't reply,

My warning was for everyone that has responded in this topic and sorta stepping out of line with what this forum is about, I didn't mean to seem to direct it solely towards notime, if you wear your heart on your sleeve, forums and written text is not for you, it's very hard to "read" someone's true emotions from written words on forums, with no body language, facial expressions, etc. it's sometimes difficult to know the emotions if any are there or implied.

The number 1 goal of this forum is to teach and learn, the number 2 goal is to share, and also somewhere in between and very important is camaraderie.

With all that said, I will leave ya'll with a quote "What we've got here is failure to communicate" which was spoken by Strother Martin playing the prison Captain in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman as Luke, and Luke also said very much the same... "What we have here is a failure to communicate" just before he was shot at the end of the movie!! :th:

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Fred, after posting the above, I knew someone would think I was threaten to shoot somebody :41::ROFL: ,but I can't because my cyber gun is out of bullets and I can't find ammo in stock anywhere!! :cry2:

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