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Got to the cabin

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Got a chance to go to the cabin for a couple of days. Early one morning I thought to get up and beat the heat and went down the draw to find a new place to dig as the old spot run dry. Decided to try this spot that was at the top of the gulch, a little out cropping sticking out as all the other stuff around it had been mined around it. Kind of working up under the brush.


After racking and cleaning around the boulder it was time to detect with the GB2 and 6" coil. The loose dirt and gravel run down hill.

Bingo! one after the other popped out. Six little pickers and it was starting to heat up so time to head back.


Back at the cabin I told the wife it was time to go find some huckleberries before it got 90 degree,


so off we went in the side by side and ended up getting about a gallon of berries. Well it made for some good Huckleberry pancakes along with Huckleberry syrup and tomorrow she will make a Huckleberry Cheesecake


All in all it was a good couple of days to be on the Mtn


Edited by Allen in MT
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Great story Allen :)

Tks for sharing.
You got a spot to go back to now .........WTG!
Tom H.

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And god made heaven on earth...good cabin,good woman,good food and gold to boot WOW Alan ya'all got it made in the shade. We'd kill for 90 as 110-116 for weeks and HUMID with fires everywhere. Glad to see life is treating ya good-John

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