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Clear see thru gold trap


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Nice build!!

Thanks for the follow up with the testing video!!

Looks like it's working very well, I was wondering if you would find any local gold during your testing, and you did!!

Watching the video I will say one thing about you, you sure can shovel material very fast!!! :ROFL:

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Thanks Au seeker

I learned panning in this stream, is the closes one to my house , and never found nothing bud garnets , black sand and lot of trash :( , very polluted , broken glass .....

Im very busy man , i work too much :) so i didnot have time to take it to nice creek with gold

This weekend t will take it to nice gold rich creek and run it for couple of hours , and see how fine gold is it catching .

:) and yeh i like playing with effects on iphone :) speed up the boring parts .

What i wanna do next time is record the sand in the trap under water on 120 FPS and than replay slow so we should see the sand in slow motion in the trap .

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Thanks Patrick

I prefer build my stuff if i can :)

Already drawing plans for little bigger one with 4 traps , 3 different classifiers ( punch plates ) , and all clear see thru , evan the bottom of the traps .

Bud will see when i have time ;) i have a lot of other projects going

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