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Charge GPX batterys in auto

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I wanted to know if I charge my GPX battery while driveing will it hurt the battery.Manual says to not start the engine while battery is connected.Any one have any problems. :arrowheadsmiley:

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That's the only way I have ever charged mine in years. Never any problems. Just sit the battery upright for charging. Leave plenty of widows open so it doesn't get to hot in the car.

I always plug mine into the power outlet after starting the motor....most of the time I forget to unplug it in town and still no problems with starting the motor while the battery is plugged in.

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I am not sure but I think those directions were written before the advent of dedicated 12v outlets...I often forget to unplug my charger when I start my car. Even back when my cars didnot have a dedicated 12v I never had a problem.

Of course Minelab has to idiot-proof their directions for the sake of liability...


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