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CTX 3030 with New 17" Coil

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I just came back from a hunt on my nearest beach. You may have read I found some interesting things there lately.

Tonight I went back with a new coil I just bought from Bill. It is the 17" coil.

From the very beginning the sounds seemed clearer to me than the stock coil. It didn't take me long to find a couple of quarters and then on my 4th target I found a 14k diamond ring. I've tested it. I'll estimate its size and post a picture later.

As I used it more over the next 3 hours I noticed that the depth is greater. My limit before was about 9 inches for a weak target. Now my screen lights up with 12 inches in depth for objects.

It wasn't long before I found another ring and it also says 14k but I think it must be some plate because it is so light. Then finally I found a thin rose gold band!

Maybe I would have found these with another coil but not tonight because the only reason I went out tonight was to test the new coil! It was a good choice.


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Prospecting the beaches and you get more gold....reminds me of an old friend Sonny up in Azusa canyon. A couple prospecting friends of mine and I would meet at Follows Camp restaurant , and Sonny would walk in and smile saying...hey fellas find any gold? As he pulls out gold jewelry he found on beaches with his detector, laughing to the bank..preaching..if you want gold...hit the beaches with the detectors...congrats on your finds, appears like the 17" is a winner for open ground.

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Here are the rings. The butterfly says 14k but it won't 'shine' and has a little bit of magnetic property. I wonder the alloy. It is made to have a permanent patina.

The diamond is 20 pts I have been told without any visible flaws.



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Great hunt, Have u tested it yet with a Diamond tester?

I finally picked up one of those cheep Diamond testers that are sold on eBay, and it works great.

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I did test the diamond and it is real. I have also found many rings since this find with one being a 14k Glen Roberts 7 diamond ring! It seems like it would be a wedding band.

I've been using this without an 'assist' but now I would like to have one.

Does anyone know the best 'assist' device for a 3030? (Swingy thing, HipStick, Minelab, etc.)


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Last night I used the hipstick and a bungee on the handle. It worked pretty good but I see that the ProSwing has a Velcro wrap that is ideal for a shaft attachment so I am going to try one of those.

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