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After working in the yard all day and having a few beers I decided I like the word "STUFF". Now if you think about for a minute or two the word "STUFF" is pretty versatile (my big word for the day).

For example - That's some pretty neat stuff; What's that stuff; Great more stuff; or my favorite "Go stuff..…"

Only in America can we have elegant discussion about stuff.

Cheers, Beers, & Gold


KG6SYX :old:

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I like my stuff, the more stuff I have the better I like it, stuff is just cool!!! :yesss::4chsmu1:

I even like a lot of stuff my friends have, but until I can afford to get some stuff like they have, I have to be content to wish I had some stuff like their's and to just admire their stuff!! :idunno:

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Yup "Stuff Happens" just like the 'other' stuff that happens ... we don't need to go to the other stuff that happens but it happens and when the stuff happens you just have to let the stuff go!

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