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I just love yard sales

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Yesterday I saw this S&W 34-1 a 2" cal 22 and bought it with the Brauer Bros H22 Leather Holster. It hasn't been shot much as there is very little scoring on the cylinder and very clean overall. Couldn't talk it down in price so paid the way below book price and when he gets time will look and see if the box and papers are buried in the house somewhere. It will compliment my other 4" and 83/8" Smiths.post-227-0-21560900-1406403870_thumb.jpg

Ok now this morning I get to another yard sale and see another Smith in a zippered case.
It turns out it is a nice Mdl 41 in 5.5" with extra magazine. When I asked I couldn't believe it. SOLD SOLD and I pay the man and smile all the way home. SN# A5727xx. Maybe early 80's?????? post-227-0-68689100-1406404899_thumb.jpg
A little later I go by the sale again and think I will stop in and ask if he has the box and papers. He says Not that he knows of, then says let me go look. In about 20 minutes he comes back and hands me the original box and papers for the 41. Again I'm all smiles.

post-227-0-26215800-1406404938_thumb.jpg post-227-0-39545700-1406405002_thumb.jpg

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Nice finds, you always seem to find some very nice deals on some fine firearms!!

According to a little research I've done on a couple of gun forums your Model 41 was manufactured, according to the info posted below, sometime around late 1978 to 1979, I guessing 1979, though it's recommended that you contact S&W to get the exact date.



Here is a Summary of S&W M41 Dates of Manufacture from this Thread:

Serial #___ Date of Mfg.
104XX_______ 1958
149XX_______ 1959
189XX_______ 1959
295XX_______ 1960
1120XX______ 1969
114XXX____ ~ 1969
"A" Prefix_____ 1970 with A115001
A145801_____ 1972
A225XXX_____ 1973
A235001_____ 1974
A265001_____ 1975
A295001_____ 1976
A414XXX_____ 1977
A475001_____ 1978
A5824XX_____ 1979
A5841XX_____ 1979
A7175XX_____ 1981
A7981XX_____ 1982
ADB38XX_____ 1983
A875000_____ 1984
TAA1985_____ 1985
TAK7879_____ 1986
TAT2512_____ 1987
TBL7955_____ 1988
TFJ1141_____ 1989
TFNxxxx_____ 1990
TFRxxxx_____ 1991
THD23XX_____ 1991
TZUxxxx_____ 1993
VAMxxxx_____ 1994
S&W started D&T M41 brls in 1994
UAMxxxx_____ 1997
BMC29XX___ > 1998.

The above courtesy of Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 2nd Ed. by Jim Supica and Richard Nahas.

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Thank you will give a call for date,

Sold the 10-22 that I camo'd last week and this morning I picked up a Winchester 121 single shot for $60.00. It is all tore apart now for some serious cleaning took the stock to bare wood and then back to a walnut stain with a few coats of balistol to finish it up.and then should be good to go.

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