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CTX 3030 Finds with a Twist! (2)

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After my successes of Saturday Night it was time to go on with the next part of the plan. The plan was to continue the story line with her.

Lu has been staying with me on a Fiancee Visa for the last couple of months while we hunted all over the west and south. The Fiancee Visa is a visa which an American Citizen can get for an intended spouse. It is good for 90 days.

Lu did not know if she had to buy a ticket back to China before the end of her visa. She needed to know or leave the United States the first week of August. I had not said yes or no and I was undecided as I said until Saturday night.

Sunday I was gone most of the day but when I came back I said to her I would like for her to go out night hunting with me. She was reluctant but agreed. My plan could work.

We went out to the beach and she started hunting and she got into it. We got a few coins but the beach had changed in one day. I went ahead and 'planted' a find for her near the Santa Monica Pier and the lights about 11:30 PM. I asked her to check everything in an area and she went over the top of this plastic bubble bottle but didn't get a signal. I 'suggested' she go back and check more closely.

She picked up the bottle and shook it and heard something inside. When she got it in her hand both of our headlights showed it off clearly. It was my mom's wedding ring. She looked up at me and with a question and a 'knowing' she said what is this? I already had the card in my hand. It said:



She said yes with tears streaming down her cheeks. We were married on Thursday.


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:yesss: that rocks,question though--store bought or found ring for the second time :4chsmu1: congrats wish ya better luck than me with marriages-John

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Thanks for the good wishes.

I used the 'found' ring and I am wearing it now. If I take out the inscription then the ring will become too big.

Lu chose a ring of rose gold.

We look forward to getting out in gold country this season and making sure we get some. We hope to see you out there.


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