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My results this past two weeks...

Jim Gilmore

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I went prospecting starting on 7/12/2014. I went to the club claim I find most bigger gold at. It took 3 days to find the first picker using my Diablo umax. I found a second one the following day. I found no other but on sunday the 20th, day 9 of my trip. I ran to town to purchase additional supplied and 100 ft length of 12 gauge electrical extension. I set up an electric leaf blower and my gold exorcist to see how i would do with that. The first day I ran about 6 buckets of dirt that had first been shoveled through a 1/4 screen that sits on a 5 gallon pail but works like the grizzly on top of most drywashers. After running the 6 pails I was kind of pumped to see that I had some decent pieces of gold so I loaded 3 more buckets but this time I screened them down to 1/8. But with temps in the 100,s decided to wait till the next day to run them. I did so first thing in th morning and panned them out to see if I was still doing ok. I was able tyo again load 3 more buckets and run and them also that day. I also was able to set up 3 buckets for tuesday and ran them first thing in the morning. After running them I I loaded 3 more buckets than went and made breakfast and was watching a movie when the generator quit. I figured it was either low on gas or oil but could not start no matter what I did. On wedneday morning I . Tried to dry pan one bucket but after panning it I had o gold so gave up on it . On thursday a fellow club member had come to the claim an on his way out he stopped by to speak. I told him what had happened and that I had 2 buckets left to dry wash. He set up His keene 151 and we ran it but I found NO gold in it.

This leaves me puzzled.Now remember that all my material is screened down to < 1/8 witch may mean my gold was getting blown out. I have not found anything in the tailing piles after with my diablo.

When I came home today I found the fix for the generator. seems that on low mileage ones the low oil switch can stick on. I disconnected it and it started right up. Only wish i knew that before.

No This is what happened to me. Please do not take it as any claim or contentions on any one or any thing else.

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Working for a Fiber and Microwave outfit learned to short out the oil and antifreeze sensors long ago. Best to carry a spare Actuator Board too. The board that tends the Field Coils.

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