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Small Scale Mining!!

Au Seeker

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I was pretty lucky as a kid growing up on a ranch. Never had much for toys as it was way more fun driving the actual truck or tractor in real life. Even to this day there aren't too many pieces of equipment that I can't operate.

Of course nowadays with all the limp wrists and their PC crap, it would be considered child abuse to let your kid run a backhoe or excavator. :grr01:

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I liked running Excavator more than Backhoe..didnt have to stop and plant stabilizers all the time. But I sure would like to have one of those small hoes that tow behind, could move lots of material in a day

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All looks cool to me. Back in the 70's worked for this outfit called Allied Aircraft. They scrapped old planes from the bone yard there in Tucson. I loved poking the Forks into a hulk of a plane and carting it off to the smelter. Can't remember what machine it was Cat for Sure and bigger then a D-9. After a few hours in that thing you could pick up a coke can with one fork. It became part of you.

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