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An Inverted Christmas in JULY 2014

frank c

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YEAH,....well I took another trip into the high desert while it was 118 in Palm Springs I don't know what the high was where we were in AZ. but it WAS time about 9:30 AM for somebody to " turn me over" cause I wuz DONE on that side. It was a HOT ONE out there again sorry to say NO GOLD for this guy.
A " strange" INVERTED signal was encountered while I was detecting very S-L-O-W-L-Y in a wash ( like I could go any faster in that HEAT) and down a little better than a foot I uncovered this tied together bunch of 5 Jingle Bells some dog must have had it tied to them at a time long ago.
Well its been a record setting 3 plus months since I have detected any nuggets. This is I think the "LONGEST SKUNKERINO" I can remember that I have worn. Wearin the SKUNK definitely ain't no fun and it sure DON'T GET NO BEANS !!!






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Went wireless this week with a Doc's Screamer setup ... went out to try it out a couple days ago ... got a late start and was forced to take an early retirement from the wash ... no gold ... lots of trash ... but more importantly the trial run on the release from the harness and curly cord was a successful transition! If you haven't tried it you should ... I think you will like the difference. i'm sure Bill sells the 'screamer' battery setup or something similar ... they are expensive (initially)but less than what you would pay for a backup second Lithium-Ion OEM battery and you get two batteries in the Doc's setup ... that is good for a couple days prospecting(about 6 hours per fully charged battery) in the heat we have now. Added benefit is that I now can carry my 64 oz Camelback pack all by itself instead of both the camelback and the ML battery harness. Life is good going wireless!

Mike F

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Holy cow Frank!
Your a better man than I....detecting in a furnace :)
Sometimes you just have to wonder how the heck stuff got up some of these washes.

I think people in airplanes throw junk out for us to find. :0

Well good luck to ya...youl get over it again.
Tom H.

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