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It gave me something to do

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Picked up a Ruger 10-22 on the cheap that had some cosmetic issues.

Took it apart and totally striped the stock to bare wood, took the receiver and barrel (barrel was starting to rust) and took them down with fine grit. Once everything was clean I then used acetone to clean and dry the metal parts. I then sprayed everything with Rust-Oleum primer even the stock and then a light sanding and then camoed with 2 colors of Rust-Oleum using juniper for the pattern and then finished everything 2 coats of a clear matt spray to help seal. put it all back together . I left the butt plate, trigger assembly, sights and barrel band black. And wala this is the final result.

Now it will be sold.



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Luv them rugers as I coveth beyond all others. My .357 mag. blackhawk is my constant companion as they don't get up after a blast from it fulla biforcated,teflon impregnated shredders. Great camo job,thinkn. about a camo wrap like El D toy for my 86-John.

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The material is made by 3M, very tough stuff. It comes in 4' wide rolls. It is a peal and stick process. I removed fenders, lights and anything else I could. It took my 5 days working by myself, could easily dropped that to 2 days with a good helper.

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