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Newbie's baltic amber collection.

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Hello everyone.

My boyfriend and I have began to collect amber fossils about two months ago, mainly Baltic amber from Myanmar, for the beautiful yellow color of the resin. We were able to find a legitimate direct source to acquire freshly mined Baltic amber, we couldn't be more blessed! The Baltic amber is quite stunning in nature and holds fascinating history. Here I like to show everyone some pieces from our collection we are the most proud of. So far there are about 40 pieces in the collect and we aim to expand, heheh. We do not know what's encased within, hopefully in time we'll learn enough to identify. For now, we enjoy the beauty of the unknown (and some known =D ).

Below you'll find amber fossils with fly, mosquito(?), wasp(?), scorpion, and mantis. The mantis is certainly a prized possession seeing that it tells a beautiful of evolution. Hope you find this delightful as we do.









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Hey Guys , that's kind of where I was going with my last post. I definitely have no familiarity with Amber at all. It just struck me as odd that the bugs looked exactly as they do today....I would think that would not be the case a million years ago......just sayin....Is there fake amber out there? How about a way to authenticate?

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