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1.6 ounces (50 grams) of SDC 2300 gold

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Here are 50 grams of SDC 2300 gold I have dug from California and Alaska, USA. The fact is that if you keep hunting small stuff and you will probably find some big stuff too. Finding a little gold regularly can help keep you focused and listening closely. The weight of the little ones does add up.
(and yes, it bangs hard on those big nuggets)
The bigger nuggets and those to the left of them are from Alaska, and the ones to the right of the big nuggets are from California.

The largest I have found with the SDC 2300 is 0.75 ounces, but it was only about 2 inches deep and could have been found with any metal detector. The nugget was in a hole dug previously and made a very loud down-up signal (as you might expect). The previous digger walked away from it as trash. I decided to get it out of the hole as big loud trash can overwhelm smaller more subtle signals from nearby gold. I was pretty shocked when I took two swipes at the bottom of the old dig hole and out popped this big flash of gold!

The other large piece is a specie which is one of those where you can debate if its a nugget or a specimen. It has lots of quartz, but there is more gold than quartz by volume. It weighs 8 dwt and was a good, easy to hear hi-lo signal. It was down a good 10 inches from the surface, which is good depth on something like that.

The third largest piece weighs just under a pennyweight and was a sharp lo-hi signal at 4 inches deep. (interesting that a less than pennyweight solid nugget was a lo-hi, and a much larger specie was a hi-lo tone.)

What is surprising is the very notable, hard to miss signals the SDC gives on stuff that weighs less than a half gram buried down several inches.


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Very nice pile of gold Chris, you have proved that the new Minelab is made to find gold!! :thumbsupanim

I've been following along on the Alaska trip over on Steve's forum, I hope you left your luck up there with Steve and Tom, I'd love to see a whopper of a nugget come out of their trip!!

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