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CTX 3030 Finds with a Twist!

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I've been back on the beach hunting for coins and jewelry for the last couple of weeks. After the 4th of July I thought my take of jewelry would increase with the high tides but it was marginal. I've had things on my mind.

So Saturday night I went out to the beach. I found a few coins and then someone flagged me down and said they had lost a key. They showed me the area and on the second target I found the key. One of the 'gang bangers' stuck out his had ... and gave me $5! They were grateful and I was glad there was not something else in his hand! Then I returned to the beach tidal area. I hunted and found a hair clip, a couple of hoops and a little bracelet.

Someone had already been on the beach at higher tide and I came across their hole. Normally I will not swing over a dig hole but this time I did. I got a little bit of a signal but I thought it could not be correct. I swung again and sure enough there was a broken signal. I dug into the previously dug hole and got to the bottom but the signal was still there at 8 inches. I slowed down and felt something on the scoop and out popped a women's watch! How had someone missed it?


There were still things on my mind after these finds. Was I going to get married? Could I forget a woman and let her go back to China after she had been with me hunting in Gold Basin, Franconia, Tonopah(NV), Lovelock, Panama City Beach(FL), Jacksonville Beach, Treasure Beaches(FL), Crater of Diamonds State Park(AR), Holbrook (where she found a meteorite) and beaches all over Los Angeles County. I resolved that I could not forget her. I had to give this a try.

My mind then became occupied with when and where (proposal, marriage, guests, etc.) but I was at peace. I headed back to my car by way of the beach... still hunting. I got a signal. It seemed like a penny but I dug down the 5 inches in the wet sand. I was surprised and delighted to see it was a ring. It was not just an ordinary ring. It was a gold wedding band ... and it fit me perfectly! (James Avery 10g/14k $250 gold value) This was less than 15 minutes from when I 'gave in' or 'decided' to get married for the first time (I'm 61 and she is 37). I had found nothing between the decision and this ring. Strange forces are at work in this universe and galaxy.

I continued to search and did not find any targets for 20+ minutes and I was about to leave the beach when I got another penny signal. I dug it and to my even greater surprise it was another smaller ring (her size) of much lesser value but ... go figure. These were the only two targets I found in a stretch of 1/3 mile after I had made the decision. (The rings are between the $5 and watch in the picture above!)

After searching for another 5 minutes or so after this I decided to stop. I knew this was THE best ending for the night. I had to post this just as I wrote it. It will always mean a lot to me just the way it happened.

The next night was 'planned' but it involved a find on the beach for her!

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