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Tempering mining picks ??

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This article doesn't mention mining picks but instead a screwdriver as an example, but the process is the same only you're deal with a bigger point.


Here's some more info on hardening and tempering of knife blades, I included this because of it mentioning that the tempering process should be done within 1 or 2 hours of the hardening process.


Some more good info.



The process of tempering is the same no matter what tool you're tempering, but question I guess is what degree of tempering you need for a mining pick?

I would guess that the harder the metal is the better as long as it not so hard that it shatters/breaks the point when using the mining pick, so I would go toward a light tempering so as to not decrease the hardness to much, usually hard brittle metal breaks when it is used in prying.

Anyway I hope some info of this helps!

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I have several blacksmiths here and I've watched them several times temper my picks. They put it in the hot coals they already have to work with all day and leave it there until the pick part is red hot and then they put it in a bucket of oil.

Other times they just lay it on the ground and let it cool on it's own. Guess they know what their doing since that's how they sharpen my pick about every two or three years.

Either process is tough on wood handles so if you like yours take it out of the pick first.

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Heat to Cherry Red. Quench in oil.

Clean metal so white again.

Heat to just turning Blue/Yellow Banding starts and Quench again.

Hardened more then a few chisels that way.

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THe good one I had busted bangin on rocks about 2" back from the point. Never did seee where it went.

For those lucky enough to keep their pick in one piece, I don't see why the wear edges/point couldn't be hard-welded like they do to dozer blades

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when a magnet stops sticking to the heated pick its at its optimum temperature for quenching. to temper a pick put it an oven at 500 degrees for 10 minutes for each inch of thickness. or dip it in oil and burn the oil off and drop it back in the oil. or polish it like homefire suggested above.


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