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I was going to recommend that you contact Terry Solomon as well but then I re-read your question and saw that you were asking about the "Treasure Hunter Sand Shark" and not the Tesoro Sand Shark.

That being said, I would recommend that you check out online reviews from users, I doubt you will find many users of the Treasure Hunter Sand Shark here on the forum, most here try to buy the best they can afford and will do without if they can only afford a off-brand detector and wait until they save up enough to get a name-brand.

Here're a link to 7 reviews on Amazon.com, keep in mind I would think that some but not all of the "good reviews" are from inexperienced detectorist, the not so good reviews are most likely from people that have at least a little bit of experience in metal detecting, but that just my opinion from reading the reviews.


The above are the only reviews I could find doing a search on reviews for the Treasure Hunter Sand Shark, that is itself should tell you something, now if you look for review on the Tesoro Sand Shark you will find many.

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