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63% Red Neck? Man I was sure I was better then that.


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Well, I'm 81% redneck, but that's only because I'm a civilized redneck, which means I wasn't born in the country, I don't dip Skoals and I don't live very far out in the country, but I do live in the country and can't wait to get further out, but ya'll can keep the Skoals!

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I couldn't do dip or chew. Yuck! Too much indigestion. And I eat normal food. No opossum or armadillo on the half shell...lol

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That test missed a question or two:

:brows: HOw many plastic buckets do you have filled with baublite and oxalic acid?

FIlled with dirt?

FIlled with black sand?

Filled with nails/BOlts??

Smashed steel cans?

Aluminum cans?

Old cat food used for tomato transplant fertilizer ?

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