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Patrick, Wow, what a quick read :brows: But seriously, there're enough accounts/reading there to last a lifetime. Thank you for the reference.

Here's a small one of import- the founder of the NAtional Geographic Society, Major John Wesley Powell


One of his books,(a great read if you can find it) " It is about the Powell Geographic Expedition of 1869 which was the first trip down the Colorado River by boat, including the first trip through the Grand Canyon"



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Thanks for the info Patrick The history of Bidwell is very interesting being as I have seen the mansion many times. If you can find the history of John Glenn it is another interesting read. I worked on the ranch where his mansion used to be. The owner of the place had it torn down because he didn't want tour buses coming in his yard!!! It's hard to believe that ships came up the Sacramento River that far in order to pickup wool and cattle

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