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Minelab 17000

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I have a chance to get a 17000 , I also have several meteorites. Just wanted to know before I buy , this is an online deal so I wanted to ask.

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It's called cash flow and that is what I don't have a lot of.

I would love a GMT....just can't find one in my price range.

The GMT is the first detector I ever heard find gold and it was Jim Smaller that did it. I had just walked over a place and Jim was right behind me, I had a gold bug, he called me and said you missed this . He swung his coil over the spot a in sang out ZIP ZIP...Was the first nugget I had ever seen dug up. I could not hear the sound change on the gold bug , but GMT was loud.

Wished I would have never got rid of mine.

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Rick here's a link for the owner's manual for the Minelab XT 17000, so if you get it and it doesn't come with the manual you can download it at the link.


Just be sure you check it out thoroughly before buying if possible, or get a guarantee (in writing if possible) that you can return it if it doesn't work correctly, the Minelab XT is over 20 years old, so MInelab won't be able to repair it!

It does operate on 2 frequencies, 6.4 kHz and 32 kHz, so it will probably do OK for meteorites and some gold on the 32 kHz frequency if the ground is not to hot.

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The XT17000 was a good gold detector.....found my first nugget with one after hunting about an hour. Found many more later with the 17000. Coiltek had/has a 15" round coil that is a killer on nuggets.

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The Minelab XT 7000, while used in 32khz with the 6-inch round DD coil was absolutely

Awesome... I still have mine... But I don't recommend anyone buying one as Minelab

cannot repair it... it was at its prime a great VLF gold specific analog detector.

(also, Minelab made a single-frequency .. 32-kHz. model)...

I believe it sold for about$100 less and was known as the Minelab Gold Striker(?)

... do not confuse it with the Fisher 30 kHz Gold Striker(?)that was never popular

The 17000'S are still in demand. Nevada Chris who lives in the Lovelock area may

have one. He used to post often and most knowledegable. I hope he and Wilma are fine!!!

.... tailgate jim straight

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Thanks for the input All.

I think I am going to try to find a goldbug...just got to save a few pennies yet.

Any one got a cheap goldbug...lol

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While looking for a goldbug I run across a GMT for 375 and the seller was original owner......went a bought it . Now I just need to get out and hunt.

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Well if you are first to get out and eyeball a dry lake in a desert area characterized by internal drainage

such as the recent Yelland find northerly of Ely Nevada; or any one of the north trending mountains and

assocated basin dry lakes across parts of California, most of Nevada and parts of Utah, extending hit and

miss across the USA and slangly named the "Bombarded 38th Parallel."

You may only need to use your eye-ball as low iron stones seem to favor this corridor, but on the other hand,

can also be randomly found anywhere... Back about 2000 only a few stone distribution ellipse's were known

but today there are many more... So all that could be needed is your eyes as you could find dozens of

fragments on a dry lake surface. Back in about 2002, as just one example several dry lakes such as Lucerne

Dry lake and elsewhere yielded low iron stony chondrites.

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