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Explosives Safety Awareness


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Not a bad top level brief about the training center and the ongoing concerns about old explosives that still exist. I have been to this area several times and you can still visit the old training bunkers, ground map used by Patton, airport and various camps sites. World War II Desert Training Center, California-Arizona Maneuver Area; BLM Explosives Safety Awareness movie about the former California-Arizona Maneuver Area


Cheers, Beers, & Gold




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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN-had a couple a close calls due to others ,and me once, stupidity blown' up pocket gold traces. Learn or die a ugly death-John :arrowheadsmiley:

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=Being a Military Brat and doing my time, I have this one covered. And if I find something useful I will not leave it behind.

Came across a pit on my mini bike one time. It was full of Grenades . All being inert no powder or TNT and just thrown in. I grabbed what I could. Primers, Bodies, Fuses . Only thing good was the Body and Primer end.

If I had what I found back then I would be a Rich man.

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