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31# copper nugget

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Bob i'd like to see it...31 lbs is a lot of copper. Maybe the prospectors lounge would be a good place for it. Surprized no one has anwsered you yet.

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Wow!!!!!! Just think! That's equivalent to 4495 copper pennies. But I wonder what nugget like that would be worth... :brows: Great conversation piece for sure!

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Just wondering here...has it been checked out for gold content w/d mixer?

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If that copper nugget is from Michigan, it could but most likely doesn't have much if any gold content, I know that there is a little gold to be found in the UP of Michigan but there is a lots and lots of copper in that area, with large nuggets still being found and some of them are huge!


"Large-scale copper mining ended in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula decades ago, but large copper nuggets are still being discovered. In June 1999, Mark Mattfolk unearthed an 8,640-pound copper mass with a bulldozer while logging on his property near Dollar Bay (pop. 950). The giant nugget is on display at the Keweenaw Gem and Gift shop in Houghton."

Here's one that is in the Smithsonian..the "Ontonagon Boulder" , it weights 3708 lbs.



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I met some people at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and I bought a 4.4 lb copper nugget for $80 but it has be processed in a way that brings out the copper. It looks better than these pictures I just took because the green shows well. This company had many, many nuggets and I think you can collect them on your own and I probably could have beat them up more on the price but they have expenses too.




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