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beat the heat and the skunk!

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Got an early start today out at area my buddy and I wanted to do some prospecting. Started walking washes at 7am with my Garrett ATX, and just kept going and going. After about 5 washes zero targets trash or otherwise I was getting hot tired and thirsty, started getting lazy with my detecting. Moving too fast not properly working the coil. In the 6th wash I heard a signal but passed it off as mineralization started walking away but decided to go back and double check and got a strong signal. Figured I was going to dig my first bullet. Dug off about 7 inches of overburden on bedrock and signal was banging. Brushed away the dirt and saw a glimmer of gold under a cap rock. Pried it up with my pick and reached in to pick up a small nugget, and it was a monster! 11.1 grams! !! Detected around the hole and found another .8 gram piece. My buddy ken has never found a nugget, I was tested to keep detecting but I hiked back to get Ken so he could get his coil his first nugget. We hiked back to the wash and slowly detected about a 5th of a mile of the wash for...nothing! !?? I even went back over the ground I sped by earlier. ..weird. I figured we were on a patch and was really hoping to get ken on his first nugget but nothing else. Ken said I must have a horseshoe up my but because I just got back from a 3.5 day deep sea fishing trip where I caught an 88lb Opah!

Will post some other pictures of the nugget when I clean it up.




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Holy Crap!
You beat the piss out of a skunk! :)

WTG man.....

Lot of fish there too.

Heck of a weekend for ya :)
Go back and dig that area out.

Tom H.

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Whooped skunk ass is what you did!!!! WTG! Those are two beauties and I hope you post'em clean for us!!! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Unc

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Man that's a nice lump... I think we have all done that where we get sloppy toward the end of a long, hot day. Glad you decided to re-check and dig!


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Nugget was brushed with toothbrush and soaked in CLR. Photos of both sides. Not sure if I should do anything else to clean.

Thanks for all the replies



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Not sure what the brown matrix rock is?


It looks like hematite. That won't come out easy, I think it looks great. Id leave

it the way it is. very nice nugget. :thumbsupanim AzNuggetBob

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