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Out with the SD2200V2


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Spent a day and a half out here in our southern desert. Was quartz crystal hunting most of the time. It was brutally humid combined with temps approaching triple digits....Even sleeping was almost non-existent and uncomfortable.....

Even still, I needed to take the SD2200 for a walk and managed a nice little 1.5 grainer for my efforts :brows:

This little guy visited my camp to say hi last night.....Glad he let me know he was there :barnie:


Heres the little piece insitu.....Found with the SD2200V2 / 8" commander Mono


Here she is on the scale....


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Nice find Adam, that nugget fits that hole like a puzzel piece. I love those in place photo's. good luck on more. AzNuggetBob

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Bob , I like those insitu shots too ....The coil heard that little guy dead center, and not so much on the edges...could have been the angle of the nugget too....

Mike , I dunno......I like the crisp sound that SDC2300 is making on the small pieces ...could be a winner

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Nice find Adam :)
The nug, not the snake.

Im impressed that you found it with the 2200, great going.

Cant imagine what it was like out in the deserts this weekend.

It was gross around the house.

Tom H>

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Oh ya Im a big SD2200V2 fan :yesss: AzNuggetBob

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