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Lynx Creek Camping Question


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I believe thats the reason they made the smaller rzr so it could fit down regular atv trails while still having the versatility of a side by side. Hopefully its covered under the forrest service definition of atv!

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Is it okay to use a metal detector at the designated panning area, near Lynx lake?

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Thanks Mike,

I have never taken my quads into that spot, but I know the area well. We have had a cabin in

Walker for 25 years. Once, In that same area, i was hassled by a Forest Service guy while hiking from

one spot to another. He kept asking questions about WHAT I was doing. I did not speak even one word

to him, and just kept walking. Eventually, he figured out that my detector was not even turned on, and

that I would not play the self-incrimination game. So he finally shut up, and went away. There were four

times more roads to old mines in the area, but the FS destroyed or blocked them. Lots of good leads.

Check it out.


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