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Salmon Populations Declines?

Au Seeker

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Is mining, in particular dredging, or even over fishing the cause or a big contributing factor of salmon population decline.

The answer is NO, it's lack of micro-nutrients in the ocean's pastures where the young fry go to grow big and strong so they can come back and spawn another generation of salmon, that is the cause of the decline, that is up until now!!!

Check out this project that has sowed those vital nutrients back into the ocean pasture/s where the young salmon go to grow into healthy adults, the result are proof of what is/was the cause of populations declines of salmon.

I wonder what our opponents of dredging is going to use now that this is proven to be the cause and not us dredging?


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There is a lot to be 'digested' in that article. I applaud the effort and study into the conditions that allow someone to think of the oceans as a pasture that can be cultivated.

My take on it would be that nutrients all over the Pacific have been reduced by the blocking of rivers and not allowing natural silt and trash from flowing. Many projects involving dams any more involve downstream 'flushing' to mimic natural flooding that had been the historical past.

Pastures outside of where the Three Gorges Dam is now located in China could be studied for additional data. Maybe this could be a major source of CO2 utilization which would have nothing to do with the United Nations/Al Gore view of global warming/climate change and the new CO2 exchange they promote.

Thanks for the article.


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Everyone..... It was never about Salmon. It was about Indians being pissed off by dredgers out of Happy Camp. Then more tribes and enviro wackos got involved. Once big Indian casino money and unlimited enviro money to boot, it was all she wrote..........why did the terminator Veto the first anti dredging bill, then pass the second one? Easy during the period in between, the tribes allowed a larger tax on their casino ops go to the State..... Politics and money are the reasons dredging was killed in the once Golden State

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I just did a speech a few weeks back trying to save my trinity claim from the new mode of stelaing called 'SEGREGATION'. The CDFG sells over half a million permits for 1-2-10-all season permits with a couple fish a day and for jacks whatever ya want.THEN the tribes step in and slaughter(gill nets by the hundreds) yet another 1/2 million fish with a estimated take(cdfg not mine) of over 15 million total at least every year. And ya wonder why no salmon???? Kalif raked in over half a $$ BILLION$$$ so follow the benjamins and not the LAST 21 claims left on the entire trinity river system..sic sic sic sic -John :idunno:

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