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Cure for Headaches

Au Seeker

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HOld my beer while I try sumpin on that achey hed o yourn :ROFL: ANd I thot lwas had on to something

by adjusting my sodium level and hydration.

Extra Mg,too

...... limit the junk food/ liquor helps the next day :yesss:

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Back in the 70'sw a guy in Seligman AZ, had bad headaches everyday, went to the DRS, and they could not find out anything wrong, so one day the guy takes a drill, and drilled 4 holes in his head, No more headaches, and he lived a pretty good life after that. True story. Grubstake

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Your right i know but it is so much fun to watch, acting or whatever....If it was real that cop wouldn't have stood there and let himself be filmed like that..... same thing with that show "Hardcore Pawn"..... the way they get to fighting in there is hilarious but it's not real, just entertaining.

Heck i was watching "Fritz the cat" on youtube this morning and that's not real but funny as hell LOL :)

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